William Birkin
My precious G-Virus..

This is an independent Resident Evil William Birkin account.

* Pre-death/pre-infection preferred/typical.
* AU is okay. Anything post-death will be AU anyway - I do not RP infected!Birkin [for several reasons] unless it happens within this blog.

I prefer long-term RP and am open for all plots.

I am willing to RP with pretty much any fandom too, if I can figure out how to adapt William to it [though I do prefer canon].

  • Anonymous said:

    ((So you're a boy and you ship gay ships? Are you gay?))

    [*splutters and chokes on his coffee*

    Wow, Anon, just… wooow. I know I’ve mentioned in previous OOC messages my, you know, wife and children. I’m a married man and by goodness my wife is not a man. She’d probably kick you for suggesting she was. xD

    In fact, I’m a little confused. How does my own sexuality play into the ships I have? I ship, and am willing to RP, all kinds of sexualities - fxf, mxm, hetro, herm, trans, etc etc! There are a few I don’t, of course, like the parent/child incest I mentioned previously… but that’s just something to my own taste! I still respect those who do like that sort of thing - I only ask that they respect my own tastes in return~

    But to answer your own question no, Mister or Miss Anon, I am not gay. I am not straight either. Gender doesn’t play a role in my choice of people - when it comes to love I love the person, not what equipment they’re metaphorically packing. My wife just happens to indeed be female. This, in and of itself, has nothing to do with what I do and do not ship. I am not my characters, after all. Thank the gods.]

    1 year ago
    1. hello-poodle-plz said: ((Also, pretty sure you are a man, not a boy. Whatever. Terminology.))
    2. redcross--birkin said: {Oh, wow anon…. just, okay…wow.}
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